There are many areas that can potentially be contaminated with the antineoplastic and hormonal agents. It is important to check contamination levels in these frequently used areas.

USP 800 states: 
Environmental wipe sampling for HD surface residue should be performed routinely (e.g., initially as a benchmark and at least every 6 months, or more often as needed, to verify containment). Surface wipe sampling should include:

  • Interior of the C-PEC and equipment contained in it
  • Pass-through chambers
  • Surfaces in staging or work areas near the C-PEC
  • Areas adjacent to C-PECs (e.g., floors directly under C-PEC, staging, and dispensing area)
  • Areas immediately outside the HD buffer room or the C-SCA
  • Patient administration areas

Results of the wipe studies are issued via email within 5-7 business days from the date your samples are received at our lab. If you need us to expedite results or meet your deadlines, we’re happy to do so.

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